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Based in Kings Sutton, near Banbury, Oxfordshire, Emma Towns is an experienced Bracco Italiano breeder. In the mid-2000s, she gave up breeding Braccos to concentrate on her German Shorthaired Pointers. Now once again, Emma is joining the ranks of the Bracco Italiano breeders.

With a pedigree bitch and stud dog, Emma expects to have her second litter of Bracco Italiano puppies for sale in the summer of 2015.

About the Bracco Italiano rare breed

The Bracco Italiano is classed as a rare breed and according to breeder Emma Towns, they are are one of the ‘hidden treasures’ of the dog world. The medium-sized Bracco comes under the HPR (Hunt, Point and Retrieve) category.

The distinctive Bracco trot (click image to play video)

The distinctive Bracco trot
(click image to play video)

As its name suggests, the Bracco Italiano (plural – Bracchi Italiani) hails from Italy and is an ancient hunting breed which has been in evidence since the 4th or 5th Century. The Bracco ‘trot’ is one of the breed’s most distinctive features. Braccos are trained to trot when working. The Bracco Italiano trot is an extended gait and is unique to the breed.

Braccos are full of character and have an almost comical nature. They’re gentle and friendly and make exceptional pets. Good with children, they are reasonably easy to train and are, of course, first class HPR working dogs. Whether you want a gun dog, a family pet or a dog to show, look no further than a Bracco Italiano puppy.

Braccos come in two main colours, orange and chestnut, both with varying amounts of white or roaning. They are never solid colours.

Bracco Italiano stud dogAli Dei Sanchi

Emma Town’s stud dog, Ali Dei Sanchi is from the famous Italian Kennel Dei Sanchi, Emma drove twice to Italy to meet with the breeder and picked him up in September 2014.

White and Chestnut Ali is a striking male who will take time to mature, he boasts an exceptional pedigree, his Sire is Paride Dei Sanchi and his Dam is Assia Dei Sanchi both of which are show and working tchampions.

If you’re interested in Bracco Italiano stud services, Ali will be available from July 2015 For more information and to find out about his pedigree, contact Emma Towns by email or by phone on 01295 810300 or 07780 933083.Ali Dei Sanchi

Bracco Italiano breeding bitchs

Star (pedigree: BraccOrions Evangelina) being shownEmma’s breeding bitchs are Star (pedigree: BraccOrions Evangelina). Her mother, Indijazz Bedazzle, was bred by Emma herself. Now Star has ‘come home’ to become the newest Indijazz Bracco Italiano breeding bitch. Star, a chestnut and white Bracco, has also had huge success in the show ring finishing the year Top Bracco Italiano in UK 2013. Altea De Arte Venandi is an import from Spain with parents that are both from Dei Sanchi Kennel, Altea has had an amazing year having gained the title of Top Bracco Puppy 2014, Joint Top Puppy Rare Breeds.



Altea De Arte Venandi

Bracco Italiano puppies for sale

Star’s third litter of Bracco Italiano puppies are planned for June 2016. As a rare breed dog, these pedigree puppies are in short supply. If you are looking for Bracco Italiano puppies for sale, contact Emma Towns now to make a reservation.

For more information about Bracco Italiano puppies for sale or stud services from a reputable UK-based breeder, contact Emma Towns today. You can email your enquiry, or phone 01295 810300 or 07780 933083. Alternatively, for regular updates and news about expected litters of Bracco Italiano puppies, you can also keep up-to-date by visiting Emma’s Facebook page.

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