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Laura Angus and Sparkenhoe
In her own words ...

I have always had dogs in my life. As a child, my parents bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Dobermans. As an adult, I have had many different breeds over the years, but have settled on the Hunt Point Retrieve sub-group of Gundogs, principally German Shorthaired Pointers and Bracco Italiano.

German Shorthaired-Pointers

My first GSP, Tilly, was bought to be “just” a pet. However, as is often the way, my daughter wanted to have a go at showing her, which we did, enthusiastically, but without much success – Tilly was not a show girl, and never really took to the showring. However, from those early first steps, I embraced the crazy world of dog showing and have made lots of friends and had more and success with subsequent dogs.

As well as introducing me to the world of showing dogs, Tilly was also the first dog that I worked on local shoots and is the foundation bitch for my GSP line.

Bracco Italianos

The Bracco Italiano came later on. I call Magda my accidental Italian. It was never my intention to own a Bracco. I like them very much as dogs, but the GSP were my love. However, as I do every so often, I met up with my friend Emma Towns (Braccorian’s Bracco Italiano) for a walk. She had had returned to her a very sweet six month old puppy, who I completely fell in love with and took back home with me at the end of the walk. Magda is a delight and has caused the start of my love affair with this gentle, quirky breed.  She has been very successful in the show ring as both a puppy and an adult.

Members of the family

My dogs are first and foremost much loved family members, who are also shown and worked. When we have a litter of puppies, the stud dog is chosen very carefully to compliment the temperament and confirmation of the bitch, giving the puppies the best possible chance of being well made and good natured. All my adult dogs are health tested and puppies are raised in the family home, being socialised with other dogs, cats and people of all ages.

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