Black German Shorthaired Pointers

Black German Shorthaired Pointers have, in the past, had the reputation of being difficult to work with. The early Black GSPs originally came from German working stock. As high-performance working dogs, they were less suitable as family pets.

Now an increasing number of black German Shorthaired Pointers, such as the Indijazz Blacks, are bred from UK bloodlines, and Emma Towns is the UK’s top breeder of Blacks and Black & Whites. They are still good working dogs, but are much more biddable and affectionate, making them the ideal show dog or family pet.

Today, Black German Shorthaired Pointers are still less common than their liver or liver-ticked ‘cousins’.

Black German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies for sale

If you are looking for a solid black or black-ticked German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, contact Emma Towns now by completing the contact form or by phone on Banbury (01295) 810300.

Meet the Indijazz Black GSPs

Zeiger Delicious (Georgia) Solid black breeding bitch

Zeiger Delicious (Georgia)

Indijazz Midas Touch (Midas) Black ticked

Indijazz Midas Touch (Midas)

Indijazz Grand Designer (Blake) Solid black. Received 4 RCCs (Reserve Challenge Certificates). Bred by Emma Towns. Now owned and shown by Liz Stedman

Indijazz Grand Designer (Blake)

Indijazz My Girl at Bargeway (Dreamer) Solid black . Bred and shown by Emma Towns for a private owner

Indijazz My Girl at Bargeway (Dreamer)

Indijazz Paparazzi (Aywa) Black ticked

Indijazz Paparazzi (Aywa)

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